Specials we are offering!

Does your Church take full advantage of your Non-Profit Mailing Status? CMA can help!

Does the ever-changing Postal Requirement discourage your church
from mailing at Non-Profit rates? CMA makes it easy!

Our simple, two step pricing is:

* $80.00 minimum fee (200 to-2,000 pcs. mailed)
* $45.00 per 1000 for jobs with more than 2000 pieces.
* Jobs with more than 2000 pieces will receive a 10% discount.

Non-Profit Letter Postage is .18 vs First Class rate of .49
a substantial savings for even the smallest mailing.

CMA mailing has successfully provided mailing service to churches
since 1993 and we are confident we can meet your requirements.

CMA will prepare your 1st THREE JOBS at Half-Price!

Please call:   Jeff Coons at 770-680-5149 or Email: coonsadms@bellsouth.net